GRCB Virtual

Check out the virtual ways we are continuing to connect and build a supportive community that fosters self-expression, confidence, and collaboration !

Rock Remote: Digital Audio Week

This spring we are piloting our first virtual sessions for youth (12-18 years old) and adults (19+)! The program engages youth and adults as they learn how to use a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) and dive into recording and producing original songs of your own! By the end of Digital Audio week, participants will collaborate with real bandmates in a virtual space, write and record 1 original song with your bandmates, how to use basic tools common to all DAWs. Learn more and sign up today >>

Youth Activism Project

Piloted during the summer of 2020, GRCB’s Youth Activism Project (YAP) is a virtual opportunity for girls and youth with marginalized gender identities, ages 13-17, to deepen their leadership skills and work together to challenge the status quo. Youth who participate research an issue that is important to them, share what they learn with the community, then transform their musical and expressive confidence into community action and activism.

Learn more about their research by attending their curated workshop series: Youth Activism Project Presents…

Keep an eye on this page to find upcoming applications for the YAP summer intensive and YAP’s 2021-2022 program.

Rock, Learn & Create from Home!

Since mid-March, we have been building up our youtube channel with our Rock, Learn & Create From Home Series and will continue to do so all year long! This is a great way to access instrument lessons and creative workshops anytime and Rock from Home with our incredible volunteers!

GRCB’s Rock From Home WEEKEND!

We so bummed when we had to cancel our 2nd session of LRCB this year but wanted to take advantage of the dates on our calendar and still bring community together! We hosted two all ages events and had a great time during our first ever ROCK FROM HOME WEEKEND and can’t wait to do it again! Learn more>>