GRCB Rock From Home Weekend

We were so bummed when we had to cancel our 2nd session of LRCB this year but wanted to take advantage of the dates on our calendar and still bring community together! We hosted two all ages events and had a great time during our first ever ROCK FROM HOME WEEKEND!

Friday night we had got the chance to watch a special screening of No Time for Quiet! The film documents the first ever session of Girls Rock! Melbourne‘s summer camp and follows 3 participants “as they struggle to find their sense of belonging and identity through music.”

Not only was it an incredible experience to get to witness another organization in the Girls Rock Camp Alliance in action but, during a year where we couldn’t hold in-person sessions, the chance to relive Girls Rock programming in all of its glory – the 1st band practice, showcase nerves, and even Punk Rock Aerobics! – on the other side of the world helped reignite the fire in our hearts on a cold night in November! 

After the screening, we had the chance to talk to the Writers/Directors of the film, Hyton Shaw and Samantha Dinning. We talked about everything from the bonds that were created between the filmmakers and youth who they followed to the impact of the lack of gender representation in filmmaking and production and how that is starting to change!

After a morning of exciting news, we were thrilled to be able to come together on Saturday for Anjimilie’s Songwriting 101 Workshop and have an opportunity to harness our creativity!

Anjimile (aka Jimi) is a queer and trans indie artist based in Boston, MA. Their recently-released debut album, Giver Taker, has been covered in Rolling Stone, NPR Music, The Guardian, Pitchfork and Paste Magazine, to name a few. Jimi has been songwriting for 10 years and playing guitar for 17 years.

During this workshop, they covered everything from rhyme schemes to common song structures and we even got to witness Jimi play their incredible song 1978 live – swoon! While I learned a ton of new tips and tricks, I really appreciated Jimi’s focus on tuning into yourself and being kind to yourself – which is sometimes so easy to forget:

“Be gentle with yourself and take breaks, especially if you are feeling stressed out. Sometimes I start writing and then I’m like ‘you know what, these lyrics are BAD!’ and actually, that is not super helpful because I can’t catch a vibe if I am judging myself. So if you can, let go of your inner critic. Give yourself that space to really dig into a space of creativity.”

Thank you for this necessary reminder and for all of the inspiration, Jimi! YOU ROCK!