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Girls Rock Campaign Boston empowers girls, women, and youth and adults with marginalized gender identities to believe in themselves by building a supportive community that fosters self-expression, confidence, and collaboration through music education and performance.
GRCB's programs are about way more than just rocking out!

Music education is only one piece of the GRCB mission. At GRCB, music education and performance provide an interactive, hands-on approach to teaching abstract skills like confidence and persistence. By providing opportunities to build musical skills, find and trust their voices, forge positive relationships with peers and mentors, and uncover their potential, GRCB’s programs have transformed the lives of over 1500 of Boston area youth since 2010. What the youth accomplish musically in a 5-day period is remarkable on its own, but the impact of participating in GRCB goes beyond simply receiving music education. We use music and performance as a vehicle to eradicate limiting myths about gender in our society. We create a space where youth are encouraged to sing out, speak up, and make a lot of noise. As one of the few organizations providing creative/musical opportunities focusing on the empowerment and community building of girls, transgender and gender non-conforming youth, GRCB fills an important niche in Greater Boston.

  • The percentage of youth who agreed or strongly agreed to the statement, “I have good ideas” increased from 73% to 95%.

  • There was also a 36% increase in youth who strongly agreed with the statement “I can accomplish/reach goals I set for myself.”

  • Volunteers have donated over 46,000 hours to empowering youth and adults!

  • Our programs have supported over 2000 youth and adults in the creation of 430 bands that have on stages all over the Greater Boston area!

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