Youth Activism Project

GRCB’s Youth Activism Project!

YAP is a free opportunity where girls and youth with marginalized gender identities, ages 13-17 or grades 8-12, can build a supportive community, expand their research, activism, and leadership skills, and work together to change the status quo!

YAP youth identify an issue that is important to them, research the issue, share their findings with the community through events they design, and take action to make change through collaborative activism and creative expression!

GRCB’s Youth Activism Project gave me the chance to still connect with people during a time where that was more challenging than usual. Not only did I get to see some familiar friends, but I also made new ones all while being a part of an amazing project that I was really proud of. -Audrey, 16

Participants will be supported by GRCB staff and volunteers as they learn leadership skills and collaborate to make their voices heard. YAP facilitated by GRCB but the issues, education, and action are youth led.

YAP is a full year program, broken into 4 terms:

FALL TERM: Youth work together to identify and research an issue that matters to them and where they want to create change.
WINTER TERM: Youth will make meaning out of the research and create a workshop, educational event, or educational tool (like a zine) to share their findings with the community.
SPRING TERM: Youth will take action to make change around their issue through activism and creative expression. This could look like a protest, a social media campaign, a resource toolkit, a day of action, a video, an artwork, a performance. It WILL be awesome.
SUMMER: During an optional intensive, YAP youth will take what they have learned and use this process on GRCB itself. YAP will identify an issue of concern for GRCB youth, conduct research on how well GRCB is addressing this issue, and present their findings to the staff and Board of Directors. This process will make sure youth voices guide the future and decisions of GRCB.

There will be additional leadership opportunities to steer GRCB social media for youth who are interested.

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