Volunteer Teams

Girls Rock Campaign Boston is fueled by Volunteers and there are many ways you can get involved!

GRCB works with teams of volunteers who contribute to the organization in an operational capacity all year round. Teams are made up of staff, board members and volunteers and have flexible commitment to fit your busy schedule. We need YOU to lend your expertise or get involved in a area that you are interested in learning about! 

Additionally, we are in the process of implementing volunteer leaders for each team in order to expand leadership opportunities within GRCB.

Check out the descriptions below to learn more about GRCB’s Action Teams. Interested in getting involved? Please complete the GRCB Action Team Interest Form!

If you don’t have the capacity to be on a Team but still want to get more involved in GRCB year round, or have a specific skill that you want to contribute to the organization, please fill out the interest form and we can connect you to ways you can support.

GRCB Action Teams

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI):
It is a priority of GRCB to make the organization as diverse, equitable and inclusive as possible. Over the past year we have broadened the mission statement to include all marginalized gender identities, have offered various training addressing topics around DEI, updated much of our language in our volunteer handouts and website to be more inclusive of all gender identities and created a working group specifically focused on DEI. We know we have lots more work to do and want many more voices to be included in this work.

The DEI working group focuses on addressing and incorporating Diversity, Equity and Inclusion throughout all aspects of GRCB both structurally and programmatically.

Recent accomplishments include:

  • Changing the application process for GRCB and LRCB programs from first come/first serve to an application period to build a more intentional community of participants.
  • Brought in a professional facilitator for GRCB’s summer volunteer training who focused on identifying and unpacking privilege as well as helping volunteers understand DEI on a deeper level, specifically focusing on working with a diverse group of youth.

This group meets (virtually or in person) around 4 times a year depending on what specific tasks are at hand. There are opportunities for individual volunteers to take on projects as well as collaborative tasks within this working group. This group is hoping to create additional focus groups tailored to specific identity groups in which anyone part of the GRCB community can attend regardless of being on DEI. This group values hearing from as many voices as possible and identifying more ways GRCB can be an inclusive and equitable organization.

Design Team:
This team supports the visual brand of GRCB and is called upon to help make posters and design merchandise for GRCB events and programs. We are looking to build up a team of volunteers we can call upon to help make cool and memorable posters and other promo materials for GRCB events year round!

Documentation Team:
This team consists of volunteers who are able to document all of our programs and events! We are seeking volunteers who would be excited to film or photograph showcases, events and programming throughout the year.

Grants Team:
The Grants Team works year-round to secure funding from local and national foundations. In the past year, this team successfully submitted 17 proposals to secure over $30,000 in funding to support the organization!

This team uses current resources and content to formulate written proposals specific to the requirements of a variety of foundations. Author + Editor pair work collaboratively on each proposal with the support of the Executive Director. Time commitment varies based on size of proposal and role.

In addition to proposal writing and editing, this group meets (virtually or in person) around 4 times a year for organizational updates and professional development.

While familiarity with non-profits, foundations, or development is a plus, it is not a requirement. If you are passionate about the work GRCB is doing, like to write and work individually and sometimes in a small group, this is the working group for you! This is an excellent opportunity to gain valuable non-profit development experience while helping an organization you care about increase its impact!

Street Team:
This team of volunteers hits the street to represent GRCB at events all over the greater Boston area. This could be at music events, street fairs, community events, and more! You will be paired with another volunteer and work a table with GRCB info and gear while networking and making GRCB more visible to the public. If you like talking to people and spreading the amazing mission of GRCB to the larger community, this is the team for you.

This Working Group helps identify local and national companies that could sponsor GRCB. While this group has primarily focused on local businesses, the organization is looking to expand the scope of work to identify more local and national sponsorship opportunities to have consistent sponsorship support for our programs and events..

This working group primarily consists of independent work but stays in contact via email and hopes to meet at least once a year. It takes creative thinking and persistence, so if you like to research from home, email potential leads or network in person, this is the group for you!

If you have any ideas for possible sponsors and/or have connections to organizations that would like to donate raffle items please let us know regardless if you have the capacity to join this working group.

Supporting All Volunteers and Youth (SAVY):
SAVY working group is made up of mental health professionals, teachers and youth workers. This group’s focus is identifying barriers and resources specifically around volunteer support, youth with higher needs, individual crisis management at programs, creating/revamping written resources for volunteers and helping be an overall support system to youth and volunteers in GRCB.

Recent accomplishments include:

  • Revising the summer program volunteer training by adding facilitated skits about issues that come up working with youth.
  • Prioritizing and adding an intentional meet and greet with tailored questions between the band coach/manager teams in order to create a united team before meeting the youth.
  • Updating and adding to the volunteer daily handbook/zine that could be used each day during our sessions that provided scheduling info, helpful tips on behavior management, and ways to document the strengths of the youth/overall band progress.
  • Collaborated with GRCB’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Working Group to include skits around mis-gendering and microaggressions and led a facilitated discussion with all the volunteers.

SAVY meets (virtually or in person) between 4-5 times a year, with commitment increasing closer to summer and spring sessions. SAVY members also help facilitate the volunteer summer training in July and August and create/act in the skits.

If you have ideas and experience to add to this working group we would love to have you join! Please fill out the volunteer working group survey below and get involved.

If you have a specific skill or expertise that you want to contribute to GRCB, we would love to work with you! Currently we have volunteers that support GRCB on special projects including Project Management, Data and Evaluation, Communications, Development & Fundraising and Musical Curriculum. To let us know how you want to support, please fill out the GRCB Action Team Interest Form!