Speak Up! Sing Out! Make Noise! Workshop Series

Our year-round workshop series “Speak Up, Sing Out, Make Noise!” is dedicated to serving girls, women, trans, and gender non-conforming folks in 6th grade and up. This workshop series aims to reach alums, volunteers, and folks who have never participated in GRCB programming before by making GRCB programming affordable to adults and free for youth.

“Sing out: We Got The BEATS”

“Sing Out” this year will be an offering of our BEATS programming, normally offered only during after-school at our partner schools. “Sing out: We Got The BEATS” will be run twice, once for adults in May, and again for youth in June. The workshop will consist of a full semester of BEATS programming condensed into a six hour long workshop. Participants will form bands, learn to create electronic music, write a song, create and edit video accompaniment, and perform their songs. Tickets for the adult workshop will be on a sliding scale basis and proceeds will enable us to provide the workshop entirely free for youth participants. Come back soon for more info and to register!

“Make Noise: GRRRL GRIT Electronics Workshop”

To help our community “Make Noise” GRCB will run our “Grrrl Grit” workshops in October. During this two part intergenerational workshop participants learn how to solder and create their own contact microphone and custom effects pedal. With studies reporting that only 7.7% of electrical engineers in the United States are women, we are excited to offer a workshop led by female and non-binary engineers, in partnership with the Edgerton Center at MIT. By providing youth and adults access to mentors and hands on experiences working in STEAM, we are working to break barriers and change the way they think about their potential. Come back soon for more info and to register!

Past Workshops:

“Speak Up: Intersectional Feminism not ‘White Feminism.’ Strengthening your Practice.”

During this intergenerational social-justice workshop participants will have the opportunity to reflect on the intersectionality of their lives and gain tools to:

  • advocate for gender equality that includes women and girls of color
  • develop programming/ communications that are accessible to all women and girls (including those who live with all levels of disability & socio-economic status)
  • develop skills to engage and build relationships with all types of women and girls

Most importantly, participants will walk away with activities to help them keep this work going.

This workshop is being led by Tracie Jones, the Assistant Director for Student Diversity and Inclusion Programs at Harvard Graduate School of Education.