Girls Rock Campaign Boston, Science Club for Girls and The Possible Project are excited to come together to host GRRRL GRIT Electronics Workshops!

Girls, in grades 6-12, will learn the basics of DIY electronics—including soldering, sourcing parts, using pre-fab kits, and customizing electronics enclosures. This is a fun, self-contained starter project, as well as a spring-board to building your own effects in the future. We’ll be working with a custom circuit board designed for GRCB!

Taught by incredible female musicians and mentors from Girls Rock Campaign Boston (GRCB), you will learn to make your own effects pedal to experiment with various instruments and create unique sounds. This simple circuit has one knob and will add grit to any guitar tone (or experiment with overdriving other sounds)! This is a great opportunity for girls and women to engage with science, technology, and music with a hands on, creative, project that will help girls and women make a lot of noise and connect with others in their community. No experience necessary, all equipment will be provided and you can take anything you make home with you!

Interested in getting involved? STAY TUNED! GRRRL GRIT workshops will be taking place throughout the year. Please sign up for our email list to learn when the next workshop will happen!

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