GRCB Summer Sessions

GRCB Summer Sessions are week-long summer programs, for girls and youth with marginalized gender identities ages 8 to 17, working to empower and encourage positive self esteem through music education and performance. During each session, youth receive instrument instruction (guitar, bass, drums, vocals or keyboards), form a band, write an original song, and perform at a sold out rock venue- in just one week. As well as band formations, band coaching, and band practice, we include workshops such as Self-defense, Songwriting, Intersectional Feminism, Healthy Boundaries, DJ workshop, and Screen Printing.

Summer Sessions will be back in-person in 2022!

Session 1: July 18-23, 2022
Session 2: August 8-13, 2022

Applications available April 1, 2022

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GRCB Summer Session INFO & FAQ

GRCB’s summer programs are about way more than just rocking out! In week-long summer sessions run by community volunteers, youth gain meaningful life skills of collaboration, problem solving, and positive self-expression in a creative, supportive environment.

During each session, youth meet and form bands, learn how to play an instrument (guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, or vocals), compose original songs and perform live to hundreds of family, friends, and community members at a prominent local rock venue – all in one week’s time! Throughout each session, GRCB also provides daily workshops geared towards building self-esteem and encouraging self-expression and awareness.

At GRCB, we have cultivated a supportive community of peers and positive mentors that encourage and teach youth to be their own rock heroes, allowing them to think differently about limits that may be placed upon them by our society. Our programming provides unique opportunities that are rarely found elsewhere: we use music as a vehicle to eradicate limiting myths about gender and age; we increase access and exposure to music education and technical, hands-on learning; and our programming encourages collaboration, leadership skills, and self-confidence.


In-Person Session and COVID:

GRCB will be consistently monitoring federal, state, and city guidelines to develop safety measures that will allow for us to safely gather in person this summer, including providing PPE, sanitizing equipment, and requiring vaccinations. Since the conditions of the pandemic are ever evolving, we will continue to keep our community informed as we determine policies and protocols. We will also be determining capacity, number of youth and volunteers per session, closer to April 1st based on guidelines and best practices. This summer may look and feel a bit different, but we are excited to find ways to be back together again!

How do I apply for GRCB Summer Sessions?

If you work with a school or organization who works with youth/families who need assistance with applications, or need a printable application, please contact Nora Allen-Wiles at

NEW THIS YEAR! Updated Application Process:
This year, in order to ensure and expand the impact of our mission of bringing the power of collaboration, self-expression and community building to all girls and youth with marginalized gender identities, we will be reviewing applications to foster fairness and diversity rather than admitting applicants on a first come, first served basis.

Who can attend GRCB Summer Sessions? GRCB is for girls and youth with marginalized gender identities ages 8-17. There is absolutely no musical experience necessary and we will provide all instruments for all who attend. We are committed to creating an inclusive environment that supports and welcomes a wide range of marginalized gender identities and expressions. GRCB supports the liberation of people who experience gender based oppression. If you feel like this space is for you, it likely is.

How much is tuition for a GRCB Summer Session? The tuition for each session is $375. Full and Partial Financial Aid are available.

Do you offer Financial Aid? Yes! Full and Partial Financial Aid is available to anyone who applies to GRCB’s youth programs. We strive to grant all requests for assistance in full and supply sufficient aid to meet each family’s need. We encourage families to ask for assistance if needed. The financial aid request form is within the program application.

What is the GRCB Youth Volunteer Program? Youth Volunteer (fka Intern) positions at GRCB are for youth, ages 16-18, who have previously participated in GRCB for two or more summers, demonstrate exceptional maturity and commitment to the mission of GRCB, and are interested in becoming leaders within the organization. Learn more here>>

How do you determine who gets into each session? This year, in order to ensure and expand the impact of our mission of bringing the power of collaboration, self-expression and community building to all girls and youth with marginalized gender identities, we will be reviewing applications to foster fairness and diversity rather than admitting applicants on a first come, first served basis.

We offer five different instrument groups: Guitar, Bass, Keys, Vocals and Drums. Each instrument group is evenly divided into three age groups, “Picks” (8 – 10 year olds/3rd – 5th grades), “Sticks” (11-12 year olds/6th – 7th grades), “Strings” (13-17 year olds/ 8th grade and above), to ensure that we have an equal number of bands in each age group. We receive more applications than we have spots, so we will not be able to accept everyone who applies.

My youth was on the waiting list in 2019 and/or applied in 2020, do they get preference in 2022? Due to an overwhelmingly positive response to our programming, and commitment to accommodate new participants, this year we will be offering a priority period to youth who were wait-listed for 2019 and/or applied in 2020 programming. If you applied in 2019 but were wait-listed due to lack of space, or applied in 2020 before session were canceled due to the pandemic, you will be given priority if we receive your completed application before April 10, 2022. Please be sure to indicate this status in you application. Please know that we are making an effort but we still cannot guarantee acceptance. There are limited spaces available for each age and instrument group and we cannot exceed our capacity.

What happens if my youth is placed on the waiting list this year? If our spaces are full, you will be placed on a waiting list. While we cannot guarantee that spaces will become available, we will alert you to any developments in your youth’s application status. While we are continuing to grow our programming and community each year, we are at an organizational capacity in holding two summer sessions and may be unable to accommodate the number of applications that we receive.

Will lunch be provided? No. While we will provide snacks each day, participants need to come with a packed lunch. If you are unable to provide lunch for your youth, please contact to make arrangements prior to the session.

Do you only teach Rock Music? NO! While “Rock” is in our name, we support all the ways youth want to “ROCK!” — whatever that means to them! We teach, listen to, and love all sorts of music from rock to hip-hop, jazz to folk, pop to punk! Youth are encouraged to explore and create any kind of music that they feel passionate about!

Daily Schedule:

The Monday-Friday portion of GRCB runs from 8:30AM-5:30PM. The showcase takes place on Saturday afternoon and runs approximately two and a half hours. Participants must arrive at least an hour and a half before the show begins. Participants are required to be at GRCB all hours, all days, including Saturday.

Sample Day at GRCB Summer Sessions:

8:30-8:45 Drop Off

9:00-9:30 Morning Assembly

9:30-11:30 Instrument Instruction

11:30-12:30 Lunch & Visiting Band Performance

12:30-2:00 Workshops

2:00-2:45 Quiet Band Practice & Songwriting

2:45-5:00 Band Practice

5:00-5:30 Afternoon Assembly

5:30 Pick Up

What are the steps that must be completed for an application to be considered? The GRCB Summer application process has two steps. Both steps MUST be completed before your application will be considered. This information is detailed in the application and will be sent out along with confirmation of application receipt: Step 1: Completed Program Application (Online or via Mail) available April 1, 2022. Step 2: $20 Non-Refundable Application Fee * Application fee can be waived, info in the application.

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