Year Round Volunteer Opportunities

GRCB Year Round Volunteer Opportunities

GRCB has teams of Year Round Volunteer Staff to help us organize and coordinate our Girls Rock Summer and Ladies Rock Sessions. Check out our available year round positions and find out how you can help end rocklessness in Boston’s girls and women forever!


At GRCB we take feeding our volunteers and participants seriously. We are seeking a person to maintain our goal of receiving 100% donated meals for our summer and winter programs. This position will help expand our reach while continuing to foster our existing community donors and ensure that our volunteers are well fed, caffeinated and hydrated all week long!

Interested in joining the Year Round Food Crew Team? Check out the full position description and application here>>


Visibility is essential to keeping GRCB a sustainable organization in your community! You can help with distributing fliers out around the greater Boston area or sharing our events and news on social media. This role can be done from your smartphone through social media (by sharing our newsletters, retweets, or inviting people to our events on Facebook) or you can stop by the office to pick up fliers for putting at your fav music shop, work, school, etc. !!

Speaking of visibility, GRCB hosts fundraisers/events and attends many other events year-round and we need folks to help us represent at those events. From being at a table handing out fliers / sharing about GRCB helping out with merch, we need your help to be at as many places possible year round!

All are welcome to join the GRCB Street Team List Serve!  Sign Up Today »


The visual aesthetics of Girls Rock Campaign Boston communicates who we are and what we believe in, alongside our words and actions (empowering girls to believe in themselves by providing a supportive community that fosters self-expression, confidence, and collaboration through musical education and performance). Working most closely with the Director for Identity and Archives, design and guide print and digital materials to connect new and existing communities to our programs and mission.

Interested in joining the Visual Identity / Design team? Check out the full position description and application here »


The audio-visual documentation of GRCB communicates who we are, what we believe in and helps to inspire current and future volunteers, donors, and attendees. We need people who are interested in photographing and/or recording audio and video of various GRCB sessions and events.

Interested in joining the Documentation Team? Check out the full position description and application here »


If you have volunteered as an instrument instructor for Girls Rock Campaign Summer Sessions or Ladies Rock Camp Sessions in the in the past, then you know that the key to having a successful session is strong lesson planning and organized preparation within your instructor group. GRCB is looking for people to help our Music Curriculum Manager organize the curriculum from the past five years, collect/research new curriculum, and work with instrument instructors during lead up and during each session.

Interested in joining the Curriculum Development Team? Check out the full position description and application here »


We are always looking for people and businesses willing to help fix our broken gear.  If you would like to donate your time and services to help out, please email Alison at!