Follow Up, Statement from Board of Directors

Dear Community,

We are reaching out to follow up on the aforementioned situation and keep the community informed and engaged in the process.

As mentioned in the previous statement, we have retained an independent investigator to conduct an investigation into the concerns raised about volunteer conduct, and are investigating this incident and any others that may be brought to our attention. We see this as an opportunity to identify areas where we may need to improve our policies and procedures and we invite members of the community to share concerns or situations anyone may have encountered at GRCB that they feel should be brought to our attention. We will use any information we learn to inform best practices, volunteer policies and/or training with the goal of ensuring the safety of our volunteers and participants.

We ask that folks send any concerns and correspondence directly to Kate Fergus, Spruce Law, LLC, at by July 24, 2020. Kate will schedule a time to speak with you about your concerns, most likely via Zoom or other video meeting platform.

Once the investigation is complete, our next step will be to do an audit of our current policies and procedures to determine whether they can or should be updated based on what we learn during the investigation. Any updated policies and procedures will be communicated to the community.

We are continuing to do our best to move forward with intention and care to ensure that this matter is addressed in a way that centers the needs and safety of our broader community.


Board of Directors, Girls Rock Campaign Boston