Dutch ReBelle @ GRCB After School

GRCB launched our brand new after school program at East Somerville Community School this February. 12 girls in grades 6 and 7 have been meeting for an hour and a half every week building their collaboration, peer support, and self expression skills. Two Teen Leaders who are 15 and 16 come and help facilitate the club and support the girls as they are learning new skills.

On March 7th amazing local musician Dutch ReBelle came in to lead girls through a workshop on music, marketing, brand identity, and how to meet your goals!

Dutch showed girls that meeting your goals is as “easy as P.I.E.” when you Plan, Implement, and Execute. She taught us the difference between marketing and promotions, and helped us understand what a brand identity is. Then she asked girls to participate in her “Black Roses Records” challenge.

Girls broke into groups to create an album roll-out pitch. Each group needed to collaboratively create a band name, album name, album artwork, single title, choose a beat to perform over, and write 8 lines to perform.

After some hard work and great collaboration each group pitched and performed their work for the whole group and got Dutch’s feedback. Both groups did an amazing job! We can’t wait to see how these new skills are going to show up in the performances and artwork of the GRCB After School bands!

Check out and support all of Dutch ReBelle’s work: http://www.dutchrebelle.com