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We believe girls need positive female role models and support for their creative endeavors. Get involved with GRCB and help actualize our mission by becoming a strong, positive female mentor for girls and women.

We are constantly working to cultivate a supportive community of peers and positive female mentors that encourage and teach girls to be their own rock heroes, allowing them to think differently about limits that may be placed upon them by our society.

Girls Rock Campaign Boston and Ladies Rock Camp Boston Sessions are 100% Volunteer run!  We would be nowhere without the support, hard work, and dedication of our volunteers. We offer a variety of positions for both musical and non-musical women.


LRCB Load In/Load Out Crew!
We need your help! It takes A LOT to get everything ready for the sessions and we are seeking volunteers to commit to helping us transform Spontaneous Celebrations into LRCB and to do the reverse when each session is over! We are working to assemble a BIG TEAM to help us make this happen easily!

This volunteer opportunity is open to anyone who is interested in giving their time to make LRCB happen! Team Work Makes the Dream Work! Join us!
Check out the volunteer description and dates here >>

Please Note: We are currently full for all session volunteer positions for Ladies Rock Camp Boston 2015 (below). If you fill out an application, you will be put on a waiting list.

Ladies Rock Camp 2015 Sessions:

Session 1: March 6-8, 2015 (Mandatory Orientation March 5, 2015)

Session 2: April 10 – April 12, 2015 (Mandatory Orientation April 9, 2015)

Check out our LRC volunteer positions below to see which position will be the best fit for you!  Our volunteer positions are open to female identified mentors only. All volunteers must attend our mandatory volunteer orientation for their session.
Please Note: We are currently full for all volunteer positions for Ladies Rock Camp Boston 2015.
If you fill out an application, you will be put on a waiting list.


Position Description: Ladies Rock Camp Instructors will serve as both instrument instructor and band coach during LRC. Instructors will be responsible for teaching their assigned instrument to their student group as well as coaching a band with another LRC Instructor. As an instrument instructor you, along with your fellow instructors, are responsible for deciding on what you are going to teach your students and how, developing curriculum and having planned lessons for your students. As band coach you will be responsible for a band of Lady Rock Campers! You will facilitate the band working together with the goal of your bands writing a song, practicing their song and performing it at the Showcase. As the band coach, you are there to keep the band members focused and to offer help in writing, playing and arranging their song.

Ladies Rock Camp Instructors must meet the following requirements to apply:

- Must have at least two years of experience writing, practicing, performing, and possibly recording and touring original songs with their band

- Must have at least 1 yr teaching experience within your selected instrument group or to have taught a basic skill level of their particular instrument for at least 2 years.

- Must have advanced knowledge of at least one, and be able to play or be well acquainted with at least two, of the five instrument groups taught at Ladies Rock Camp (drums, bass, vox, guitar, keys).

- Must have the ability to develop curriculum for each Lady Rock camper at their skill level and help them prepare their band for Showcase time!

Time Commitment:
 Mandatory Orientation on the Thursday preceding the session. Friday 9:00am-11:00pm, Saturday 8:30am-11:00pm,  Sunday 9:00am-11:00pm (includes Sunday Live Showcase).  


Position Description:No musical experience necessary!  Throughout the three day LRC you will be called upon to help with specific tasks to make LRC a smooth operating and a rockin machine- from daily set up and clean up, picking up donations, maintaining practice spaces and gear, serving lunch and dinner, workshop assistance, front desk and sales, sound tech, roadie, and lastly Showcase assistance. The Support Crew is vital in making sure everyone has a great experience at LRC.

Time Commitment: Mandatory Orientation on the Thursday preceding the session. Friday 9:00am-11:00pm, Saturday 8:30am-11:00pm,  Sunday 9:00am-9:00pm (include Sunday Live Showcase).  The support crew position time commitment is flexible.


Position Description:  Our workshops are aimed towards building self-esteem and allowing for self-expression for our Lady Rockers!  The workshops we have provided in the past include: Songwriting Workshop, Amplifier and Gear Workshop, Silk Screening Women In Rock History, and Self Defense.

We would love to hear your ideas! Workshop Leaders Applicants need to send in a proposal to Hilken at along with their application.

Time Commitment: Days and times vary


All volunteers must be at least 21 years of age at the time of the LRCB session.

All volunteers are required to attend a mandatory Volunteer Orientation for their session on the Thursday before their session.  Please see the sample schedule below.

Volunteers are not required to commit to a full day.  If you have limited availability during the week there will be space in the application to explain and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Sample Schedule for LRCB (subject to change):

9:00 Arrival & Check In
12:30-1:15 Band Formation
1:30-3:00 Instrument Instruction
3:15-4:15 Workshops
4:15-7:15 Band Practice
7:15-8:15 Dinner
8:15-11:00 Night Time Fun Time!
9:00-10:00 Breakfast / Morning Assembly
9:30-12:30 Instrument Instruction
12:30-1:30 Lunch
1:30-6:30 Band Practice and Workshops
6:30-8:30 More Band Practice and Workshops!
8:30-9:00 Dinner
9:00-11:00 Night Time Fun Time!
9:00-10:00 Morning Assembly and Breakfast
10:00-2:00 Band Practice
2:00-3:00 Lunch
3:00 Dismiss for Showcase!

All volunteers will be interviewed and a background check is required for new volunteers. All volunteers must attend our mandatory volunteer orientation for their session.

Interested in volunteering for GRCB Summer Sessions? Our volunteer applications for summer will not be available until April 2014. Check out the positions HERE and please sign up for our mailing list to make sure we keep you posted on all things GRCB!  You can sign up for updates by entering your email address in the “Get Updates” section on the right hand side of this page.

Space for volunteers is limited, please apply early for best consideration.

Our session volunteer positions are open to female identified mentors only. 
Girls Rock Campaign Boston does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national and/or ethnic origin, marital status, sexual orientation, mental or physical ability, in the administration of any of its educational programs, admissions policies, scholarships, and other GRCB-related policies and programs, as well as volunteer and employment-related policies and activities.

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